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Meet our owner, Dana

Dana always had a love for food and in 2021 she decided to pursue one of her passions, creating artfully styled charcuterie boards. Soon she was busy juggling a new full time business and her corporate job. Taking a leap and going all in on her dream, she opened The Grazing Room in 2023.

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Our Story

Welcome to The Grazing Room – where the art of charcuterie meets passion and creativity. Founded in 2021 by Dana Berbenich, our story is one of a journey from corporate burnout to a dream realized in the culinary world.

Dana, with a decade of experience in corporate HR, found herself yearning to reconnect with her true passion – food. Always dreaming of becoming a chef, she decided to tap back into her culinary roots. Food, for Dana, is not just a meal; it's her love language.

In 2021, Dana embarked on a new adventure by creating a food Instagram page. Sharing her kitchen escapades and showcasing her charcuterie creations, she quickly garnered attention. The demand for her charcuterie boards grew, leading Dana to a pivotal decision – to turn her passion into a thriving business.

Late in 2021, Boards by Dana was born. Starting with a dedicated charcuterie Instagram page and website, Dana's creations gained popularity, and the business blossomed. Juggling her full-time job and the growing demands of her charcuterie venture, Dana faced a tough decision.

After a year and a half of balancing both worlds, Dana made the bold move to expand. She sought out a commercial space, and as fate would have it, she found the perfect spot in downtown Bel Air. This marked the birth of The Grazing Room, a haven for charcuterie enthusiasts.

At The Grazing Room, we offer a diverse range of services. From crafting exquisite charcuterie boards for events and catering to providing charcuterie classes, we've got your culinary needs covered. Our store is not just about the final product – we also sell everything you need to create your own masterpiece, including gourmet cheeses and artisan charcuterie meats.

Committed to supporting local communities, we proudly partner with nearby dairy farms and artisanal vendors. Our menu features an array of grab-and-go and made to order items, from sandwiches and soups to salads and charcuterie boxes. Each item is crafted with love and a dedication to providing a delightful culinary experience.

Step into The Grazing Room in downtown Bel Air, where charcuterie becomes an art form. Join us in celebrating the joy of food, and let us be your go-to destination for all things charcuterie.

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