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Want to offer Charcuterie Workshops, but not sure where to start? 

We've put together a "Workshop Blueprint" to cover all things Charcuterie Workshops. After teaching over 100 charcuterie workshops (public, private & virtual) and testing many different products, set ups, ingredients, class structures, and teaching techniques, we are ready to share it all with you. 

The Workshop Blueprint is divided into three sections:

  • The Preparations

  • Prep, Transport & Set Up

  • The Class

During this 1:1 training session, Dana will teach & provide you with everything you need to know about offering Charcuterie Workshops, including:

  • Shopping list for purchasing materials/ingredients

  • Cost breakdown of products used/profit calculation

  • Email templates to be used to contact potential venues where you'd like to host classes (local vineyards, breweries, craft studios, restaurants, etc.)

  • An overview of prep & workshop set up

  • Workshop talking points document complete with lots of useful info on charcuterie, cheeses, pairings and more.

  • A "charcuterie 101" handout document for you to share with your workshop attendees

  • Tips for transport and breakdown

  • Exclusive product links

  • & more

The Charcuterie Workshop Masterclass is intended for Charcuterie Business Owners who would like to get started teaching or improve the way they are already conducting Charcuterie Workshops.